Mansfield Park

“There’s Arcturus looking very bright.”

“Yes, and the Bear. I wish I could see Cassiopeia.”

“We must go out on the lawn for that. Should you be afraid?”

“Not in the least. It is a great while since we have had any star-gazing.”

Possibly my favourite Austen. For anyone who says it’s wishy-washy, they just need to read it. The scene above is beautifully fresh and direct, with not a single unnecessary word in there.

One comment

  1. Shirl · September 19, 2015

    was reading this last night! when I was young, loathed MP; wanted to shake Fanny and Edmund until their teeth rattled. How wet can you get? Now it’s prob also my fave JA, though I do occasionally want to give Edmund a quick slap …..


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