Overheard on the Tube

A series which I shall always claim my friend Alex and I started long before ‘Time Out’ had even thought of it.

“nah man, you can’t say that cos it’s my mum and my mum is always right. KNOW IT…I don’t care if I’m 24, my mum is always right.” (damn right.)

“Right, so I’m going to buy myself a day cloak”

“So my friend Demon had this sister who really liked me.”

“Questions to Caroline: who are these people? what size of boat? KALE.”

“I mean it was all fine, but I couldn’t take the orgies. No-one has that many friends, no-one.”

And possibly my proudest moment – when a drunk Aussie girl told me “you’re like a rainbow of awesomeness, man”, before running out onto the platform at Seven Sisters to puke widely.

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