Lift up your eyes


Francesco Guardi – the Grand Canal with San Simeone Piccolo

I find this painting mesmerising. Look at the way the sky and high clouds are painted with such loose strokes, on a far bigger scale than the buildings. It gives the effect of a trompe l’oiel fresco or a cinematic zoom and swoop of the camera, where the buildings are revealed to be miniature size models around a pond and the real scale is in the sky/ceiling.

guardi 3

Francesco Guardi – Canale della Giudecca with the Chiesa dei Gesuati

I couldn’t resist posting this one either, even though the coppery light on the horizon seems unusual for Guardi and is more reminiscent of Dutch maritime art. However, it has something of the mood of the glowing skies this week, reminding us to enjoy the last of the autumn sunshine before the mornings start closing in.

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