Come up and see me some time

lady colin campbell

Thank you to Tom for reminding me of a hilarious presentation he once attended that referred constantly to Her Majesty’s Passionate and Relentless Revenue and Customs. To be fair (hard), I think it was about passionate and relentless pursuit, but I still like the idea of tax inspectors tangoing round with a rose between their teeth whilst the calculators gathered dust behind them.

Let’s have another look, shall we?


This was exactly how I used to look, just with more Tolleys yellow tax books.

With assistance from Boldini and Lady Colin Campbell.

(As a side note, Lady Colin, or Getrude Blood, as she was born, was part of a scandalous divorce case, where she sued for separation and her furious husband retaliated by accusing her of infidelity with four other men, including both the future duke of Marlborough, the Lord Chief Justice and the chief of the Metropolitan Fire Service. Post-divorce, she wrote books on trout-fishing and fencing, and wore a snake round her neck to keep herself cool in warm weather. Bravo! One more reason to bring back the name Gertrude.)

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