Top of the shopping list

For reasons best not divulged, my friend Charissa has put me on the hunt for the perfect shirt. This is difficult. I do not look good in shirts, or in white cotton, or in white at all, but I like the idea of a shirt.

There must be no Nehru collar or placket-y nonsense going on, but I don’t want to look like a boy either. I especially don’t want to look like a boy who lives in Hoxton and has to button his shirt right up to his chin to look like all the other hipsters at his bike repair-cum-coffee shop that he visits each day on the way to the retro vinyl store. However, said shirt needs to be both immaculately cut.

The path is long and thorny. Let us review the candidates…

This is promising in a preppy-fresh but pretty way. I’d like to wear it with a circle skirt or possibly some khakhi shorts and red nail polish:

ted baker dot stripe shirt

This is also nice, and I feel the sequin stripe would give anyone clocking it a good idea what they were getting into:

mango sequin shirt

This would look lovely flung over a bikini to come off the beach. I like the wavy line in the stripe:

mango striped beach shirt

This could work for the I’m-possibly-but-not-really-wearing-your-shirt-to-breakfast look, although I shudder at the idea of actually borrowing a shirt and all the winsomeness that involves. (Borrowing jumpers is totally OK.)

mango striped shirt

Finally, faint from many hours combing the John Lewis website, this, in semi-sheer cotton may be the holy grail of minimalist but pretty. Obviously it’s not available in my size any more. The quest continues.

john lewis perfect shirt


  1. Shirl · October 11, 2015

    Get the be-sequinned one! The quest for HG can still be pursued – a girl is allowed to have more than one shirt


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