I would cast Myrna Loy

Imagine my delight…

When browsing Schiaparelli hats on the internet, I came across this funky little number that reminded me of an early scene in Eric Ambler’s “Journey Into Danger” where Our Hero has lost his job.

I broke the news over the soup.

She was wearing a new hat – a fact upon which I had been careful to comment – but it was not the sort of hat behind which she could hide while she thought of something to say. She looked as though she wished it had been.

“That’s bad, Nicky,” she said. Her voice was quite steady. She paused and then added: “I hope that you’re not going to let it interfere with the wedding.”

It’s not such a crazy thought of mine. It turns out that the hat is from 1937 and so is the book (it’s written in 1940 but set as three years earlier as war seems likely to break out.)

Also, I would totally wear this to a Chinese restaurant with my fiancée. The point would be useful in seeing off challengers for the last piece of salt and pepper squid.

51.33.10 0002

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