forward march


I’ve recently become a fan of Ronald Welch’s series following the Carey family through military events from the Crusades to Normandy. At each moment of history there’s a Carey there, tied together subsequently by a family tree that must have been a work of art given that they were written out of chronological order. The knowledge of military tactics and equipment is lightly worn and never overwhelms the plot.

As well as some beautiful writing touching on themes of honour and courage in a manner reminiscent of C.S.Lewis’ work, and with a similar emphasis on the need for self-knowledge, I like the illustrations too.

They’re very much of line-drawing school from the 1960s and 70s that covered most of the editions of childrens’ books I grew up reading, and I enjoy their strong composition and faces and bold lines. The one below reminds me of a Cezanne landscape.


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