All Saints’ day

In the Catholic church, All Saints’ day is marked by the recitation of the litany of saints.

In gratitude, therefore, this is a list honouring the friends in my life. It goes without saying how important my family are, but they are too privately dear to be listed here:

Your friends who cook for you from Ottolenghi, spirit you back to their house to watch ‘No Likey, No Lighty’ and have PhDs in something Very Clever.

Your friends who go travelling fearlessly and live in quiet comfort in a house they built themselves.

Your friends who make you honk with laughter like a goose.

Your friend the film editor, who is kind, funny and brave and always has a true word to say.

Your friend who is like a sister to you and will be a new mother soon.

Your friend who could be a super-cool spy and once took you to breakfast on caviar crisps and in a fur hat.

Your friend who went trekking solo in the Himalayas, supported you down a turret when you were terrified, and has played a viola concerto.

Your friends the fellow-nerds.

Your friend who looks like a 60s debutante and actually understands both investments and opera.

Your friend who once lived in China and looks like a Great Gatsby dream.

Your friend who can dance like it’s Woodstock and did a surprise PhD.

Your friend the food historian who is a secret rap fan, agitateur and theatre director and looks like a model.

Your friend who has been making you laugh for ten years now, is endlessly kind and gives everyone parties and homes and inspiration.

Your friend who owns a copy of the Russian constitution, plays the violin and is VERY BRAVE.

Your friend who once bluffed his way into Downing Street in a tweed suit.

Your friend the Captain of Industry.

Your friends who write you crazy notes about mermaids, ambassadors and naked lawn-mowers and find poetry to make you cry.

Your friends who are raising two small boys with patience and love.

Your friends who email you from round the globe with jokes and theatre dates.

Your friends who play in the orchestra with you, always have something supporting to say and who have got you through Mahler, Tchaikovsky and Strauss.

Your friends at work who take the piss out of you for the cat café and stalk your doppelgänger round town to make you laugh.

Who would you honour this day?

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