Barbara 3

29.08.2011 Kirchmöser / Brandenburg DREHARBEITEN  Barbara ein Film von Christian Petzold  mit Nina Hoss ( Model release No ) © Christian Schulz Mobil 01723917694 Finanzamt Kreuzberg St.Nr. 14/524/60768 Honorarpflichtig  7% Mwst Bankverbindung Sparkasse Berlin Blz 10050000 Kto 640188842

Photos of the excellent and understated Nina Hoss in ‘Barbara’, a film set in the rural North of Germany in the late 1980s. Barbara is a doctor who has been exiled from the top hospital in Berlin as punishment for an unnamed political misdemeanour.

Barbara 4

The whole film has a slightly dreamlike, detached quality, as if Barbara herself cannot believe the life she is now leading or as if she is a princess trapped in a fairytale.

barbara 2

Scenes are shot slowly and the soundtrack has been replaced mainly with silence, with the noise of shoe soles and heels scraping and tapping on pavements or the sound of the wind as Barbara cycles to the woods to escape her colleagues and watchers. Yet within this, a happiness seems to dawn.

barbara 5


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