Things I won’t miss

Things I won’t miss

Bar mitzvahs


The sound of the vacuum cleaner


Email. I know I already said it, but I want to emphasize it.

Small print

Panels on Women in Film

Taking off makeup every night


Things I will miss


The view out the window

Next year in Istanbul

The Christmas tree

Taking a bath

Pride and Prejudice



I love a good list.

With apologies to Nora Ephron, as adapted from two lists printed in “The Most of Nora Ephron”


edward elgar

Edward Elgar with a chicken on his head. Because. And because I’m heading to the Malverns and their chickens for new year soon.

From the addictive tumblr

There are several great threads of composers looking miserable surrounded by ladies friends, proving that “I’m with the band” hasn’t worked for hundreds of years.

Kowloon cafes


When looking at the windows in Neisha Crosland’s garden, they reminded me of this cafe in Kowloon that I visited on a rainy afternoon.

Autumn 2015 925.JPG

Although I had a snack there, my real lunch was just round the corner at the Yee Shun Milk Company.


I chose a bowl of cool, gingery goodness from the trays of warm and cold puddings lining the shopfront like a 1950s nanny’s dream.

Garden quiet

neisha crosland garden 2neisha crosland garden.jpg

I’m enjoying these photos of Neisha Crosland’s garden as part of my annual hibernation between Christmas and New Year.

The colours remind me of the Nan Lian garden that I visited in Hong Kong this year during a rain storm.


Can you believe this is 10 minutes from a busy shopping mall and Metro?