Roskilde Dom brick.jpg

I was searching for a decent photo of Kaare Klint’s memorials for Christian X of Denmark and his wife, having been struck by their warm simplicity as part of a display in the National Design Museum in Copenhagen, but can’t find anything quite right on the internet.

Instead I came across these images of other chapels in Roskilde Cathedral. It’s now on my list to visit when I go back to Denmark. Fascinatingly, it was the first brick Gothic structure and dates from 12th century in parts, although it looks so much more modern it’s easy to see how it influenced styles of the 1920s.


Clear light

I saw this photo by Thomas Struth in the Louisiana art gallery a few weeks ago. It’s hung on the corner of a wall that turns into a corridor and I wondered if the curator thought it would be a good joke for the gallery visitor who caught the photo’s eye. I also like the interplay between the school children with the tourist to one edge and how Velasquez cuts his canvas with his own easel to the left of frame.

struth museo del prado 5.jpg

Struth seems to enjoy observing other people at the moment they’re distracted by something else and this photo reminded me of some family portraits that I’d seen a few years ago. On checking, it turned out that they were by Struth too.

struth richter


struth ma

struth bernstein

Without being saccharine, the natural light and apparently simple compositions lends these portraits warmth and intimacy, with the feeling of a joke hovering off-screen.

I want a Strandbeest

I’ve always been more at the arts and books end of the spectrum in my interests, but this tumblr feed (a spin-off from the excellent website The Kid Should See This) changes that.

The best microphone for getting grandparents to record their bedtime stories and memories, star-guiding kits, toys that teach kids to hack basic electronics, board games that are actually fun and quirky illustrated biographies of science pioneers all feature. I want pretty much everything.

My favourite idea probably has to be the wind-powered giant dinosaur that you can take for a walk along the beach. Admit it, wouldn’t you like to walk along talking to your Strandbeest? Any volunteers to buy me the beach too?

GRANTED THEO loek van der klis 16  kopie



Giovanna Garzoni

A baroque artist (1600-1670) who I first came across through a TLS review which referenced Giovanna. I’ve posted a link to some of her displays of seasonal flora and fauna, which I love, I also like her calm portraits of still animals and older faces.

giovanna garzoni hedgehoggiovanna garzoni dog

Giovanna Garzoni - portrait of Maratta_Ritratto_di_Giovanna_Garzoni

Giovanna Garzoni, Der Alte aus Artimino -  - Giovanna Garzoni, Vieillard d'Artimino

This one is ‘The Old Man from Artimino’, and was painted in tempura when Giovanna herself was in her late 40s/early 50s.

Back on more ‘typical’ ground:

giovanna garzoni lemons and bee

Garzoni - Figs-framed

giovanna garzoni cherries


Nobel prizes



The Nobel Prize museum in Stockholm has to be one of the most uplifting places I’ve ever been. From seeing early scientific discoveries where the inventors cheerfully made their own equipment in a garden shed, to finding out that the awards each year are individually designed by an illustrator who has been briefed on both the award and its recipient to make them as personal as possible it was uniformly positive.