These are the great questions of our time

With thanks to my former colleague A, who would usually intervene in a heated office debate about Pingu vs. The Office, or what type of chocolate biscuit is best with this most accurate and diplomatic remark.

And without further delay, it’s time for some more gems from London’s finest minds as overhead on public transport and in Ye Local Curry House.

“I did a lot of my degree on nuclear weapons, so I have quite fixed views.”

“Masterchef is like so harsh because it’s the only show where you don’t get to hug people when you’re rejected.”

(Both comments from the same genius…)

“So he’s like the guy who’s my MALE friend.”

“I told you in Debenhams last week what I want for Christmas and I’m not telling you again if you can’t be bothered.” (One kid who was unimpressed by Santa’s work ethic.)

“Shower your loved ones with festive logs.” (Somewhat confused ad for yule log cakes.)

“For goodness sake Jeremy, we can just chop it up and give it to the pony.”

“What are you doing? Checking your teeth? Oh, you’re checking if you’ve got food in your teeth. Yeah, you do.”

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