Giovanna Garzoni

A baroque artist (1600-1670) who I first came across through a TLS review which referenced Giovanna. I’ve posted a link to some of her displays of seasonal flora and fauna, which I love, I also like her calm portraits of still animals and older faces.

giovanna garzoni hedgehoggiovanna garzoni dog

Giovanna Garzoni - portrait of Maratta_Ritratto_di_Giovanna_Garzoni

Giovanna Garzoni, Der Alte aus Artimino -  - Giovanna Garzoni, Vieillard d'Artimino

This one is ‘The Old Man from Artimino’, and was painted in tempura when Giovanna herself was in her late 40s/early 50s.

Back on more ‘typical’ ground:

giovanna garzoni lemons and bee

Garzoni - Figs-framed

giovanna garzoni cherries


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