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Reading my tea leaves was actually a referral from a previous Blog of the week, Cup of Jo. I like the way Erin’s style is minimalist but still warm; too many homes in this style are just joyless and uncomfortable. There is nothing good about living in a house that look like it’ll be freezing cold with a strange smell in the corners, even if it is the fashion.

Here are a few sample articles:

  • Tips for living in small spaces, with a young baby
  • A list of free gifts (that you could actually do any time and wouldn’t be crappy)
  • Gift ideas two ways: I like the different twists on the same themes, so apologies for any friends who receive a shamelessly copied present from here.
  • A gift advent calendar: again lots of the ideas can be adapted for when a friend needs some fun & I like the idea of giving a month’s worth of presents.

The photo is of Helen Levi’s ocean mug, which I came across through the blog.

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