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Addison Embroidery at the Vicarage was a blog that I found via a former old favourite, and where I started devouring the back catalogue instantly. A singer and former librarian at an Oxford college, vicar’s wife, baker and needlewoman, who says firmly that “I run from the sweet, the twee as I would from a serpent”, Mary sounds delightful. Embroidery gifts are often given to friends at important occasions in their life and give the opportunity for reminiscing:

Most of all, I find it comforting seeing such a warm, steady record of family life, friends and community.

The church biscuit (yummy, but usually involving frantic last minute baking on Saturday night – reminiscent of my mother’s battles with photocopies and printing arrangements for the hymn sheets) features weekly.


All photos from Addison Embroidery at the Vicarage.

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