Guess where?

I always like it when I go to a place that looks different from how I expect it, or that reminds me of somewhere else. It’s the moment when if you showed someone my holiday photos they’d place it on the wrong side of the globe or another continent.

david burdeny north africa 1

Where do you think this is? Mumbai?

david burdeny north africa 2

Shanghai? Canary Wharf? Kuala Lumpa?

david burdeny north africa 3

All images from David Burdeny’s portfolio on North Africa, viewable at

Milan Gothic


Some Easter yellow from a trip to Milan a few years ago. I can’t remember where this is, but just that I was on my way to see a 1960s church when I passed this delightful hallway for a block of flats.

I’m debating returning to Italy this summer, and this is whetting my appetite. The second photo is the dome of the Galeria Vittorio Emmanuele.


Both photos June 2012.