Chat 10 Looks 3

I’ve become completely hooked on the podcast Chat 10 Looks 3, from Annabel Crabb and Lee Sales.

Listening to it as I make dinner or head into work makes me feel like I’m with my own girl friends: laughing at each other’s memories, swapping books and film tips and talking all round the clock, with cake.  Cheeringly, at least a quarter of each episode is just them hooting with laughter.

It’s hard to pick a favourite moments, but their snorting hilarity over the 50 Shades of Grey (“lip-munching hot pot” is their put down), show tune riffs, interview forensics the week Malcolm Turnbull became Australian PM, the description of “this tearing irrevocability of grief and chaos” followed by a joke about “British authors who love each other in a manly way” and a chronic confusion over Brazilians v. Bavarians all stand out.

Just listen to the lot.

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