Mulliner Nights

“His companion marshalled his thoughts…

‘On the sixteenth of the present month – to-day, in fact – I journeyed to the house of my friend Sir Sutton Hartley-Wesping Bart – here, in short – with the purpose of spending the weekend there. Knowing that Sir Sutton likes to have his guests sweet and fresh about the place, I decided to take a bath before dinner. I unpacked my soap and in a short space of time had lathered myself thoroughly from the neck upwards. And then, just as I was about to get at my right leg, what should I find but that the soap had disappeared. Nasty shock it gave me, I can tell you.’

Adrian had listened to this narrative with the closest attention. Certainly the problem appeared to present several points of interest.

‘It looks like an inside job,’ he said thoughtfully. ‘It could scarcely be the work of a gang. You would have noticed a gang.'”

Another peach from P.G.Wodehouse, ‘Mulliner Nights’. I’m off tonight to spend the weekend with my parents for Easter.


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