This animation shows the Titanic going down in real time. Completely fascinating in its use of carefully chosen detail to convey how the night unfolded:

12.15 – first wireless messages for help sent

12.16 – orchestra begins playing in the first class lobby


12.32 – lifeboats lowered into position for launch

12.40 – first lifeboat is launched with 28 of the 65 places filled


12.51 – first officer Lightoller begins women and children only policy

1.29 – revolvers issued to officers of the Titanic


Elena Ferrante

I’ve yet to read one of her novels, but love the toughness of her thoughts in interviews. One of these quoted the opening line of her novel The Days of Abandonment; how could you not want to read on after this?

One April afternoon, right after lunch, my husband announced that he wanted to leave me. He did it while we were clearing the table

the days of abandonment