Michaela and Maria


I recently came across a series of portraits that Michaela Gall did of figures from Virginia Woolf and Chanel to Francis Drake and Walter Raleigh. I like the colours and loose style and think they’d add a touch of history to any home.

They led me to this series of the kings and queens of England, by Maria Smedstad, which I rather liked too:

george III

There’s a suitably roguish one of George IV holding up a playing card, and one of a young Queen Victoria looking very wistful, that are also nice, whilst the one of George V reminds me a bit of this.

Michaela’s prints and Maria’s cards are available via The Shop Floor Project at reasonable prices. Be warned that you might well find you spend hours browsing the rest of the website, though. I especially liked their Alexander Calder-like mobiles, and some of the fabrics.

Even better value, if you like Michaela’s style, are these place mats, available from Eve Editions:

joan alleyn

This one is of Joan Alleyn, based on a portrait in the Dulwich Picture Gallery. Joan’s husband, Edward, acted with Shakespeare and left money to fund the Dulwich foundation schools.

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