Another composer I’ve only started taking to recently – I don’t find him very interesting to play, but listening, either to The Carmelites or to a recent performance of the Stabat Mater at this year’s Proms, is a staggering experience.

Here is part of the Mass in G for a serene start to the day.


Eugenia Zoloto

Such beautiful, beautiful sculptures and drawings! I can imagine them framed, as if like delicate but strong pieces of lace.


All from Eugenia’s Etsy shop (don’t go there and buy them all before me). I like the wildness of the women she draws too:


Blog of the week & Azure


An image I came across on a sadly long-since discontinued tumblr feed, Still Life Quick Heart. (Also, how many people have a contact email address containing cricket and Apollo? Cue the smelling salts from my dad.)

I like the shape of the floral display, but most of all the brass vase against the turquoise background.

Max Kuehne, White Flowers in a Vase, image via artnet.com.

Blog of the week

A recent find, Abbie blogs about being a peace corps volunteer in Morocco and the run up to that role. Initially down to work in Ecuador, that posting was cancelled following the recent earthquake, and Abbie’s team were reassigned all over the world. From what I’ve read so far, this blog completely commits to the third principle of the Peace Corps, which is to explain the host nation to other nations.

Click here to read about a library founded over 1000 years ago by a Moroccan woman, whose sister had already built a new mosque, and here for some wonderful responses to Michelle Obama’s recent Let Gurls Learn visit.

Present buying

Linda had spent Lord Merlin’s 20,000 francs on a tiny Renoir for Fabrice: six inches of seascape, a little patch of brilliant blue, which she thought would look just right in his room on the Rue Bonaparte.

Nancy Mitford again in The Pursuit of Love.