Bravura and blue skies


markets and colour





and sunshine


in Leipzig, August 2016.

This post is also the one year anniversary of the blog. Thank you to everyone who follows this, and even more to those who let me know they’re reading with comments and likes. Unlike many bloggers, there’s no “mission statement” here. These posts are a self-indulgent miscellany of whatever interests and inspires me at the time, the same as the original Wunderkammer (collectors’ cabinets) which form the basis of museums like the Ashmolean, and about which I rather nervously blogged about here.

The other inspiration is a friend who I tried to amuse with a daily birthday present in his inbox. Blogging was partly a way of doing this for myself in a hard time, and hoping that if someone else liked it too that would be a plus. So much has changed and I’d like to thank those who’ve come along with me. Please stay on for more journeys, and send this to a friend if you think they’d enjoy it too.


  1. cikitaokt · September 10, 2016

    Those pictures are so adorable!


  2. Shirl · September 10, 2016

    Look forward to this every day – a little jewelled present


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