Blog of the week

Occasionally E is a mix of poems, art and a great deal of romantic haze, whose nostalgically rose-tinted glasses I feel more than a little ambivalent about. It’s not E’s writing that I jib at, but rather the fact that nostalgia and constant heimweh for another era/culture can be dangerous habits to hold.

Having said that, the blog itself is beautifully, beautifully put together, entirely consistent in its poised voice,and after a grimy day on the Tube, reading such professional-grade Gracious Living is consoling in its complete escapism. What redeems it ultimately for me is the sense of true backbone beneath the lace dress and I do enjoy reading it.

Beryl Markham appears, along with a wedding picnic in Regents Park, misty and humid country shots by an Anglophile traveller, and more presentation than I’ll ever learn how to do on a blog. And the poems… Here are two discoveries that I already quoted from.

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