Legitimate greed

The Gannet, a kind of online interview and recipe book, certainly lives up to its name in encouraging a large appetite.


Recipes that recently caught my eye include:

  • Sicilian orange & salted anchovy salad
  • Porridge with honey and rhubarb
  • Apricot jam cake
  • Bacon and butter bean chowder (a lot more greens in the recipe than I’d expected there to be)
  • Green pak choy with dried shrimp
  • Simple Austrian cheesecake


  • Pickled herring, potatoes and sour cream (open tin of pickled herring, cook potatoes, serve with soured cream…), and the rather more complex…
  • Celeriac, satsuma, fennel and red cabbage salad.

All images from the Gannet website, including the interview with Alix Lacloche, who created the first recipe on the list above.

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