House tours


As I head out to NYC today, here’s some American sights for the post today. Some of the pieces I love most on Cup of Jo are the house tours. I’ve never actually wanted to leave my own place (I love it and the area too much), but whoever does the photos for these really knows how to convey a sense of home, and I do often come away with a few new ideas.

The first two images are from a thin but long, narrow house that I could see would fill my need to live on a longboat some time.

The one below is a bit like the gallery walls of postcards I make in my own house & have done ever since my first uni desk.


while here is a look at the gallery wall in the apartment Joanna’s own family have been renting for two years. Gallery walls are basically all the justification a maximalist needs, and also a great way to discover that you don’t need expensive art to make an impact: postcards, photos and posters all join the mix:


This is great for that block of red frames (such a simple idea but so effective), and the gorgeous wild photo, which reminds me of this. In fact, by the time you add in the family photos in the hallway & colourful kitchen it might  be my favourite home featured.


Though who could resist the light in this, especially as we’re slipping into the weak, cool light of autumn.


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