Overheard in New York



Sorry to be leaving New York, but looking forward to Boston too. This mid-century-like print is by Ryo Takemasa and is available from Society 6 ridiculously cheap. Reminds me of the books by Miroslav Sasek, which I love and covet in bookshops. This picture is from This is Venice (Hong Kong, Paris and London are also great):



This is Venice image from lovelyworld.typedpad.com

Anyway, getting down to business, New York has been a gold mine for overhearing strange things:

“He just has the most fabulous energy, I mean, how he makes you feel…” (in London this would be a tale of the night before; in New York it’s a comment on your some-time colleague behind the ticket desk.)

“I met Joel and his wife yesterday, the wife’s new, and the Congressman said…”

“so does she have a boyfriend her own age yet?”

“some clients don’t like a bald person, but it’s not them that hates me” – something that particularly intrigued me (the speaker appeared to be a lawyer), and was followed by: “I’m just trying to stay positive and be kind to myself, I can’t believe how kind to myself I am”

“I don’t pride myself on the kids”

“And there’s like wrapping paper…” “oh. my.God.”

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