Painting with light


An evocative title for a documentary I’d like to watch about the life and work of Louise Dahl-Wolfe.



You can see from these black and white photos how apt the title is.



I already knew of Dahl-Wolfe, who famously discovered Lauren Bacall, and also took the photos of Diana Vreeland in the New Mexico desert dressed in a matador’s hat, with a rose behind one ear




but I didn’t realise how versatile her photos were, and how well they captured the independence and glamour of the 1940s heroine.


This surrealist one is like Erwin Blunenfeld’s covers for Vogue – I wonder who inspired who?



Most of all I love the confidence and power of these.

Images from top to bottom: Pinterest / New York Times / / / Pinterest / / / / / / /

One comment

  1. The Smiling Pilgrim · November 13, 2016

    Very stylish!


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