Life goals


I don’t know who Lady Stern is/was, but there’s something about the no-nonsense gaze and stack of books, combined with the comfort of that rug, vase  of flowers and cornflower suit that I can get behind. Portrait by Lance Cattermole, an artist who lived till he was 94 (1898 – 1992); his style reminds me of Enslin du Plessis.

Photo via Art UK, the renamed website of Your Paintings and the Public Catalogue Foundation. It’s a free website, dedicated to cataloguing all the public art across Britain, much of it held in provincial museums, fire stations and council buildings and provides a fascinating social history survey of a time between 1890 and 1960 when local pride and a belief in the inspiring powers of art were strong.

Guilia Balletti

A recent Instagram discovery, I raced through Guilia’s feed, taking these screenshots which are perfect for the mood at this time of year. The foggy canal especially reminds me of a walk I took on an eerily quiet New Year’s Eve.




All images, and many more, to be found here.

Snuggle up


There’s something about the fact this blanket is called Cherry Drops makes it even cosier. It’s out of stock but you can re-order it here.

PS I know there have been problems with images on the blog recently – sorry about this. I don’t know what’s been causing it, but I’ve refreshed a load of my posts and hopefully it’s ok now. Either scroll back through the last week to see the posts in their glory, or click on the links for posts on food, embroidery, street art and mindfulness.

Sarah Ferone


Witty and cheeky, these playing cards contain recipes for some of the best classic cocktails along with the sharp illustration.



Read here how Sarah Ferone got her Kickstarter campaign off the ground. All images either via the deck’s Kickstarter page or Sarah’a own Instagram feed.



Horrible demands

Horrible income tax demands and letters from my bank about overdrafts. I am going to get into debt and have nothing to fall back on. I simply cannot work any harder than I do, and it means that I shall have to cut down all my expenses.

Harold Nicolson, January 1952. Rather reminiscent of Farv in The Pursuit of Love, who bought a new Rolls every time he feared bankruptcy.



Wonderful illustration too by Christopher Brown, who also did the Fire, Fire illustrations for this.