Walking the city


Continuing on my London trend today, I was delighted to recently come across the Bishopsgate Institute‘s walking tours.


I think I may have left it too late to book for some of these, but they cover the Jubilee and Metropolitan lines, the somewhat scary plazas and public art of Canary Wharf, the journey from artisans to artists (Kensington and Chelsea),  London’s villages and many more routes.


In fact, their courses as a whole look good (who wouldn’t want an afternoon in Edwardian London) and on a par with my treasured CityLit.


If you want more of these, then Yannick Pucci’s Art Deco routes are always good, and this year’s London Handel Festival is also exploring the parts of London that Handel lived and worked in.

Photos: top 4 from a walk round Hampstead last year, image from the splendid V&A catalogue of Heather Firbank’s wardrobe, St James’s view from Georgian London.


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