Inexplicable wish to buy this jumper and run around in it all holiday with a pair of short forest green shorts. Totally impractical as if it’s hot enough for me to wear shorts there’s no way I’ll be in a jumper, so can only guess that childhood self-indoctrination along the Swallows and Amazons / Enid Blyton lines is emerging again in this city girl. #timeforaholiday

The art of an interview

That’s when I would find out that yes, they did get their PhD in physics, back when women were barely allowed in college, and as a matter of fact, it was them who single-handedly oversaw the Capitol renovation, and technically they do they an individual birthday party for every single person in the city every year, but they have so much help, you know? Besides, everybody loves a birthday, and it’s just no trouble at all to throw one.

Inspiring tales from Kelly Williams Brown, who’s also written a long-form essay on the rodeo queens (even harder work than the beauty queen circuit), and a spot-on spoof of House of Cards.

I like these women best though – this is how my school raised us to be.