Twilight with cats


I saw this Frank Bramley picture on Instagram and liked it, and a quick search shows that he had a bit of a sideline in paintings of women with cats at dusk. (They’re better than that might sound – good thing I’m not an auction brochure copywriter.) This is When the blue evening falls.

More cats

Thanks to the South African blogger, Miss Moss, I came across these stunning watercolours by the artist Endre Penovac.




I also thought it was time for another quote on the life of that poet-trapped-as-a-cat, The Bear:

I’d bought him a catnip rat and some turkey chunks for (what I decided must roughly be the date of) his last birthday, but it had somehow seemed insufficient. I sensed, deep down, that he might have preferred the latest Jonathan Franzen novel, or a new Werner Herzog documentary that I’d been hearing very good things about.

From ‘The Good, The Bad and The Furry’, by Tom Cox.

Thank you Tim

Just in case you thought the Internet was developed to bring you photos of cats doing cute things, I bring you news it was not.


It was developed to bring you photos of elephants doing cute things. Like throwing themselves head-first in mud in a silent meltdown (been there).


and annoying the hell out of their mothers being clingy (been there too.)