Vanessa Barragao



After posting images from the Anni Albers exhibition, Instagram correctly predicted that I wanted to see a lot more artists working with textiles and led me to the door of Vanessa Barragao.


Isn’t this great? I’d love to see (and touch) this work in person. Check out her website here and also her profile @vanessabarragao_work

It turned out to be a yellow tea cosy

We three children were looking forward to Mother’s birthday. With a view of deciding what was to be done we gathered round the schoolroom table, each armed with a statement of his or her financial resources. My assets were in a purse – total one shilling ten pence halfpenny. Cyril’s was not much better and it was left to Ethel to rescue the situation, which I have to admit, she did most nobly. Blessed with a godmother who sent postal orders she was able to contribute nearly ten shillings. Most magnanimously, she decided we should pool our resources and give Mother one really nice present rather than three inferior ones. It turned out to be a yellow tea-cosy, padded and quilted and embroidered with braid round the edge, finished off with a curl at the top. Cyril and I considered it a dull gift, but Mother received it with joy. It turned out she really had wanted a tea-cosy, a fact which Ethel has gathered by subtle means.

EH Sheoherd – Drawn from Memory

Centro storico


The historic centre of Naples is a series of narrow lanes,


converted churches with toy tableaux, different levels as streets and squares intersect and then part,


cafes and Renaissance carvings, staircases and graffiti,


lemons in crates, crazy doorfronts, marble gateways to a castle by the sea,


and a 19th century arcade with constellations on the ceiling.


Decemeber 2018.

East London boy


Alfred Hitchcock grew up in Leytonstone (his father’s former grocery shop is apparently painted with a mural of The Birds now), and so the local Tube station has an underpass filled with these witty and colourful mosaics is his films.


How many can you spot? If you’re like me and only got the famous ones, there are plaques underneath each piece telling you the names.

All photos Dec 2018.

Harold Gilman


Already looking forward to a new year of art and exhibitions: Bonnard, the last of Anni Albers at the Tate, Dior at the V&A and this Harold Gilman show that moves from the Djangoly gallery to Pallant House. Look at that colour, pattern and texture.


Photos of the Djangoly hanging by @simonmartin_art, who runs the Pallant House Gallery.



Photos of the artist Ivo Hitchens’ house, with its yellow-painted critter windows. When I came across a similar idea on a Cup of Jo house tour (apparently the couple used it as a remedy against the often grey Seattle days), I was also delighted. Such an easy way to make a house colourful.


Photos by @simonmartin_art