South Asian super girls


There’s already been Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls, but this book – published by the charity Pink Ladoo (that encourages south Asian mothers to celebrate the birth of their daughters and push back at prejudice that ladoos (sweets) should only be gifted for a boy’s birth) looks equally good. I’m guessing there’ll be a hefty amount of intersectionalism around anti-colonialism and feminism too.

Pots and pans

I came across this print from the artist Karel Rafferty


which then reminded me of an exhibition on in Sheffield called “This life is so everyday”.


It includes these pieces by Margaret Mellis, as snapped by Lara Wardle.

Unbalanced relations

Such a good article about toxic masculinity, emotional labour and male friendship norms. I do think things are changing, but way too slowly, and although the article views this through the lens of hetero norms, the reality is that if one partner asks their other half to fulfil all of their emotional needs (friend, lover, spouse, co-parent) in their entirety it’s the other party who carries a disproportionate burden. As a feminist the thing that especially interested me here was how this norm exploits the idea of women as “natural” and “effortless” caregivers – a label that ignores the drain that putting others first constantly brings.

East and West


Excited to read that Penguin Classics are republishing four Asian-American authors from the 20th century. Each of the books (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Filipino) sounds so good and also so pertinent to today’s issues that I’d want to read them all.