When I think about you


what I call you

when I think about you

and you are not there:

my wild-strawberry

my sugar-lizard

my comfort-bag

my sugar-spinner

my care-chaser

my aurelia

my stone-flower

my slumber-child

my morning-child

my full-forgetter

my window-bar

my moon-hider

my silver staff

my evening glow

my sun-thread

Friedericke Mayrocker. What words would you use? Art by Lakshmi Hussain, whose art you can buy via her site here, or just follow her Instagram feed @thislakshmi

Blue rays


Baltic herring market in Helsinki as shot for FARE magazine; irises by Ohara Koson; photo by @poshpedlar

At this time of year I always think of Wilfred Owen’s poems, that we studied in school, and that refer to the air growing bluer as dusk falls.

Miss Maidie and Elsie


Miss Maidie and Elsie Scott. Painted in the First World War when the sisters befriended Wilfred Owen, this portrait is so redolent of the Edwardian Era.


For the first time I’m in two minds about Remembrance Day. Events in America and across Europe show the importance of not forgetting history, and with this year as the 100th anniversary of the end of World War One and next year as the 80th anniversary of the start of World War Two, the next two years are important ones to recall. But my fear is that we’re more comfortable as a society in focusing on a carefully-glossed version of the past than in looking at more recent, veterans and social conflicts.

Jane Eyre vibes


As every Jane Eyre  fan will know, she insisted on buying grey merino even for her trousseau, but seeing this 1860s crinoline with purple-slashes sleeves makes me think maybe it wasn’t so muted after all. Dress in the Met Institute of Fashion.