Blue rays


Baltic herring market in Helsinki as shot for FARE magazine; irises by Ohara Koson; photo by @poshpedlar

At this time of year I always think of Wilfred Owen’s poems, that we studied in school, and that refer to the air growing bluer as dusk falls.



One of the (many) suspects for Jack the Ripper, and also a rather odd man who changed his name in his 60s, Sickert is probably best known for his sketches and paintings of 1890s and 1900s London. This is a snippet of the orchestra pit at “The London, Shoreditch”, long before the hipsters moved in.

Twilight with cats


I saw this Frank Bramley picture on Instagram and liked it, and a quick search shows that he had a bit of a sideline in paintings of women with cats at dusk. (They’re better than that might sound – good thing I’m not an auction brochure copywriter.) This is When the blue evening falls.