Andreas Gursky


This show really lived up to the hype – the Hayward Gallery is back with a bang! Fascinating to see how Gursky’s work has changed through his career and his much more deliberate / obvious manipulations of the images too. Closes April 22, so get there soon.

Enchanted lives


The name of a new FREE exhibition that the British Museum has on about Patrick Leigh Fermor, two of his artist friends and their love for Greece. I’m afraid that PLF was an “epic shit”, to borrow Tina Brown’s description of Boris Johnson, but he did write so well…

You can tell how excited I am about this, I think. The BM consistently puts out great quality exhibitions, many of which – like this one – are free, and yet these side shows get equally regularly overlooked by the trendy press, who want to enjoy their opening view with an Instagram-worthy cocktail or two. In fashion isn’t what the BM does, but excellent showcasing of their top rate collection and genuinely different, inspiring shows are, so I’m leading the band on this one.



Lisa Milroy, mainly


A few weekends ago I went over to Bermondsey and Old Street to check out some new art. First up these installations at White Cube. An intriguing mix of colour and texture.


Then these, which I LOVED. Clever pieces of trompe l’oiel art that really messed with your mind.


Colourful, thought-provoking, fun art by Lisa Milroy on at the Parasol Unit, north London.

Unknown girl


Excuse the poor quality of this image from the Panter and Hall catalogue, but I find her face very arresting. The listing just said “British school, 20th Century” and the collection had the good title Anonymous Muse