The Boim Family Chapel


This stunning chapel, completed in 1615 for the Boim family but never formally consecrated due to a bout of archbishoply envy,  is tucked in a little corner of Lviv, next to the Latin cathedral (aka Catholic Church), and for a whole 30 UAH – about £1 – you can spend as long as you want in it.


If it’s shut, you can still see the incredible carvings on the outside, which gave the chapel its nickname of “Bible of the Poor”. Saints, the crucifixion and angels all jostle for space in a robust set of carvings that remind me of some of the old buildings in Oxford.


Inside, the floor space isn’t that big – maybe 4 metres by 4 metres, but the height is more and every inch of the walls has been carved, painted and plastered to perfection.


There’s so many details I couldn’t capture because they were too hard to get angles of: the fact that the creed is spelt out in little boxes round the walls of the church; like the fact that the patriarchs either side of the altar have their carefully carved distinguishing features (eg Moses with the flame of God hovering on him as he descends with the Ten Commandments; Jesse – or possibly John – with his flowering rod), the way the orange and cream decoration is used to edge the niches holding the two big carved scenes.


But you can probably tell anyway that the little box pews are painted like a screen from a Turkish palace, that the disciples are cheerfully munching through pigs head and potatoes at their Passover/Last Supper, and that the dome could have come straight from a cardinal’s palace in Rome rather than a craftsman in Wroclaw.


Jump for joy

A much needed holiday and change of scene have left me full of energy and inspiration. Stand by for a slew of photos from India, but in the meantime, how’s this for twinkle toes? This is Vera-Ellen; who said “dancing is like breathing: a day missing either is very bad”


The confetti project


All photos from @the_confetti_project

These joyful photos had a somber beginning as Jelena (self portrait in the first image) began the portrait series when her father was diagnosed with cancer. As she said in a recent post, for a wholeness year her life was either cancer or spraying others with confetti, but it turned out to be the raft that took her to the next phase in life after her father died. I didn’t know the backstory when I first came across Jelena’s photos and I think they can easily be read as a modern update on Jumping series by Phillips Halsman.

Feed of the week


In our fantasy lives, March is the month we move to the middle nowhere in America and into one of these mansions. I can tell you they costs a lot less than most London houses. Maybe it’s masochism to look are the wonderful @circahouses and @cheapoldhouses or maybe it’s all those Escape To The Chateau episodes getting to me.