Hard to believe that this is in Zone 5 London, not a country village,


the outline of the estate grounds of Cannons is still clear,


and inside here is the painted glory of the chapel of the Dukes of Chandos, paymasters to Queen Anne in her Dutch wars, who made their money by gambling with the public purse at high interest rates and used their wealth to employ the finest talents such as Handel.

I was here to here some of the music that Handel wrote for this very venue, a time-machine if ever there was one.



I need to dig out my holiday photos from Palermo a few years ago, but here’s a cheat: web photos of the amazing Oratorio Di Santa Zita. Whipped cream a go-go.





A lovely feast, poised exactly between the winter and spring solstices, and a time of hope. It is also 40 days after Christmas, and is therefore the mirror feast of Pentecost, in this case for the presentation of Christ in the Temple (the prophetic word arriving in the sanctuary), rather than the flaming Spirit descending on earth (God’s revelation shared with and through us all).


These photos were taken in the dark of the week before Christmas, in Salisbury Cathedral. The installation of giant paper peonies and roses was suspended behind the high altar in a candlelit space, lavender oil scenting the air, and above duvets and pillows laid out so that visitors could rest and look at the ceiling. It is one of the most magical and peaceful things I’ve seen, and again had a dual twist of blossom/snowfall and the spirit at Pentecost.


All photos by me, December 2016.

Rise and shine

img_1187Morning all! Time to get up and out there with Cathy Kwan, an exciting illustrator and artist in my neck of the woods, whose work I came across in The E-list magazine.

The image comes from the Tumblr feed of Cathy’s agent Bernstein & Andriulli, and Cathy’s own website is here.