Back in the park


Regent’s Park is definitely one of my favourite things in London, whether it’s the rose garden in late spring, the alleys as summer gets underway or even the open fields near the zoo for a winter stomp round.


On the first May bank holiday London emptied, as it always does, and the best bits were left for the tourists: stripes deckchairs in the sun, reflections in the lake, fighting geese and herons on a pond.


Its hard to believe there isn’t a filter on these photos, but the golden hour really was that good.

All photos May 2018.



I seriously like both this marbleware (the blue and white plate) and slipware from Tinsmiths in Ledbury.

Any time people say that the past looked like Farrow and Ball whitewash with a bit of tasteful stripped pine or oak, I wonder what they’re on about. The Georgians loved bright yellows and greens and patterned fabrics, the mid-Victorians were all about red velvet and chandeliers and this kind of old English pottery shows people trying to bring colour and pattern into their homes on every possible surface. It’s not helping my ceramics addiction…