Hilton Carter


I recently came across Hilton Carter in the most annoying way – by missing his talk at the Garden Museum. Not only did he launch his gardening book “Wild at heart” in this gorgeous greenhouse in Baltimore:


he’s also into fiddle leaf figs, which is music to a hipster like me. Check out his Instagram for more useful tips and gardening hints.



The Instagram feed @humansofny has been featuring competitors’ stories from the Special Games. Funny, moving, saddening they’re a complete mix and a chance for those we don’t always hear from directly to speak:




The Dior exhibition was last year’s sellout in Paris, apparently, and now it’s moved to London where the queues are equally as crazy to get in, and the poses in front of key outfits just as lengthy.


Cannily, the rooms house garments by style or concept, emphasising the continuity of the idea of Dior, and setting up some interesting juxtapositions.


Tucked in corners are Dior’s gardening magazines next to a scarf for Princess Margaret; in another room the toiles in stiff whiteness offer an almost Japanese minimalist look.


In other rooms, it’s all about allowing you to get up close to the details, marvelling at the fine work.


Garance Dore

Garance Dore is known for her fashion photography, her stationary, her general brand of cool – and yes the bottom photo is a stylish shot of the Californian desert, but it’s the first two shots of female companionship, of friends setting off for a hike and then coming home that most called to me.