Liberty’s isn’t known for its low prices, but these ceramic baskets, riffing on a popular 18th century lattice-work style, come in at only £20 each. Well worth it, I’d say.



I haven’t posted some ceramics love here for a long time, so here’s a mug from the Slick and Sleet range. I don’t know how they thought up the name but this piece definitely conjures up the stormy seas to me.

Gudrun Sjoden

Love these ceramics, both the splodgy insides and the flower pattern. I can imagine this recycled glass plate with its subtle flower design looking stunning for dinners in the garden on summer evenings too.

Never has washing up looked so good. Photos from Pinterest, and The Women’s Room blog.

This shape is smart


I absolutely love the colour of this yellow dish, but am more ambivalent about the shape, which is self-consciously ugly when seen plain in the white or grey colour ways.


It reminds of the bit in The Girls of Slender Means where the narrator reflects that the dark brown wallpaper the girls hate in 1945 will be what they choose for themselves in 1963 “it having become smart”.

Sintra dish by Canvas Home, from their 2014 collection.