Spiced Buns with Elizabeth David

Firstly, I love that she calls them spiced buns, thereby authorising them for consumption any time of year (HCBs just take a bit more milk in the dough, apparently). Secondly she naughtily suggests a bit of ground cumin in the mix which would give some unexpected kick. And finally she caps it off with this 18th century pamphlet of Captain Bun, the son of a baking family in London famous for their buns (oi oi) and who used to be in the army:


Podcast of the week


Dispatch to a friend was a recommendation that came in at a time when soothing conversation was in high demand. Gillian and Annabelle are two Australian friends (shades of Lee and Crabb from my other favourite podcast here) who write a weekly letter that they then broadcast.

The warmth of their friendship comes through across myriad topics: Neighbours’ building works and tree lopping, wedding cake making, Virginia Woolf hunting, Scandinavian birthday parties and a Scottish roadtrip with dour landladies, miscarriages and the pecan harvest all feature in these delightful 20 minute episodes. Just right for autumn coziness, I reckon.



Francois Ancelot painted by his wife Virginie in 1819, having the perfect post-Christmas rest in my opinion. As are these ladies


(Comtesse de Blot, Madame d’Egmont and Madame de Brionne by Louis Carmontelle), and this young man


(Young boy reading by Octavian Smigelschi)