I’d gone to Barcelona expecting to see but not particularly admire Gaudí (all the mosaics! why the bulging lines?), but of course I was blown away.


I’m still not sure I can keep up with the reverential tone of the audio guides at La Predrera and Casa Battlo and their sheer excitement about spines of mystic creatures, but I do like the imagination mixed with practicality in these spaces.


A tiled courtyard where the colour of the tiles graduated from cream to dark blue to respond to the sunlight and window sizes change floor by floor to filter out the fierce summer light.


A ventilation system copied from the gills of fish, or deliberations of different zones by using different flooring.


Even the roofs and terraces were calming rather than creepy when you’re in them, and the facade of Casa Battlo is really mesmerising – even if not every visitor is that interested in them!

All photos November 2018.

Rita Konig


I’m at that stage of a house project where doing the pretty bits actually seems within grasp again, and I’m devouring Rita Konig’s articles on her website (find the section “Rita Says”)


Unlike a certain modern Mrs Miniver, there is a lack of smugness in these pieces that allows you enjoy them greatly and wonder just how you’d make that tiny box room interesting, where you could get some over-the-bed mirrors from


and whether you’d have the balls to do that level of colour combination / bold wallpaper yourself…


images by, patrickmele, salvesengraham, msputneystripes and ritakonig, all on Instagram

Girl boss


I have never been an adherent of the simple white T and jeans look (I like colour; I need something to give me he illusion of a waist) but Girls On Top tees might change that for me.

How great to have a day pretending you were a mighty film maker just by wearing one of these…and way cooler than a band shirt.

FD237420-00FA-45CC-91C3-E04AAE932A49Plus these ones have colour…

Art ideas

As part 361 of my ongoing rant about how art and decoration don’t need to be expensive, fancy or hard to find to look wonderful, I bring forward more witnesses for my cause. First up:


these two scribble pieces, one from @jyoungdesignhouse and one from Danielle Moss of “The Everyday Girl”. I imagine they’d be quite satisfying to recreate.


Next up, again by @jyoungdesignhouse, I like these easy ways to add punk to a bit of regency art. I could see it being easy to add a splash of acrylic to a postcard bought on holiday, and then you could either clip it up, put it on the fridge, or carry the joke on and frame it in the biggest ornate frame you can buy. It reminds me a bit of this simple but effective series too.


And lastly, from @nicoledavisinteriors, this corner of family photos. Although the style is way preppier than I’d go for myself, I like the reminder of making something special out of an otherwise empty corner. It also reminds me of my favourite Cup of Jo house tour with the red frames.