Vanessa Barragao



After posting images from the Anni Albers exhibition, Instagram correctly predicted that I wanted to see a lot more artists working with textiles and led me to the door of Vanessa Barragao.


Isn’t this great? I’d love to see (and touch) this work in person. Check out her website here and also her profile @vanessabarragao_work

East London boy


Alfred Hitchcock grew up in Leytonstone (his father’s former grocery shop is apparently painted with a mural of The Birds now), and so the local Tube station has an underpass filled with these witty and colourful mosaics is his films.


How many can you spot? If you’re like me and only got the famous ones, there are plaques underneath each piece telling you the names.

All photos Dec 2018.

Harold Gilman


Already looking forward to a new year of art and exhibitions: Bonnard, the last of Anni Albers at the Tate, Dior at the V&A and this Harold Gilman show that moves from the Djangoly gallery to Pallant House. Look at that colour, pattern and texture.


Photos of the Djangoly hanging by @simonmartin_art, who runs the Pallant House Gallery.

Joan Miro Fondacion


Faced with one last day in Barcelona, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to spend it inside an art gallery.



It felt like what I’d do in London and therefore maybe a waste of time in Barcelona where I was meant to be doing something different.


But in the end, the fact that tickets for the Sagrada Família were sold out freed up the time and a trip to Montjuic meant I could follow up on the numerous recommendations to take in the Joan Miro Fondacion.


I’d never been a huge Miro fan, but seeing his works in the flesh was a revelation.


The variety, the fact that he changed tack from painting to textiles to sculpture and back again, constantly innovating was impressive, and the works themselves are housed in a fittingly distinctive building.


The fondacion also has temporary exhibitions and when I was there it was one on Lee Miller and Surrealism, a pleasant reminder of my Farley Farm visit years ago.


All photos Nov 2018.