A village in England or a villa in Greece

My dearest Jock,

How exciting the world is with all these comings and goings! I shall be proud to godmother little John. What fun! When the war is over I think I shall dedicate the remainder of my life to my godchildren – three girls and two boys at present. I shall either live in a village in England or in a white washed villa in Greece or of course both of you provide me with the income. In the English village I should like to keep the shop: that is the only way to have a finger in everybody’s pie unless you are the squire or parson – and it would be a much more amusing angle from the shop.

Freya Stark to John Murray VI, 1941



A polish village about 100km from Krakow. After Warsaw last autumn, Poland remains high on my travel list, especially as it seems like a country with very distinct seasons and therefore travel experiences.

Ice green

There’s only 6 weeks a year in England when this dress would look refreshingly cool and pretty, reminiscent of cold water and cow parsley, rather than bleached by grey light and rain…but how glorious it would look then. We’re at the end of that 6 week period in my view so I’m posting this now to enjoy. It’s an 1870s walking dress and the cow parsley might be in my imagination, or might be a suggestion from my re-reading of Lisa Kleypas’ Ravenels series set a little after this and featuring an estate in Hampshire, often in spring and summer. Sigh.




given how early spring seems to have advanced this year, it surely can’t be too long before the first English strawberries appear.

photo of this incredible table arranged to look like the most fairytale forest by @lailacooks

Villa Borsani

For anyone else who’s yearning for travel again, and who usually hops on planes or trains for the May bank holidays there’s some visual escapism coming up on the blog this month. First up, the Villa Borsani in Milan, an 1940s Art Deco heaven that reminds me of the equally delicious Villa Necchi, also in Milan and from about the same time period.