Summer dresses


with the rising temperatures come the catalogues full of summer dresses. These ones from Hush perfectly capture a sense of hot, languid afternoons.


Quite like this one but my shape’s changed over the last year and it wouldn’t work for me now


Also like these very different, brightly coloured offerings from Mother of Pearl. I’m a sucker for a bright red/blue combination like this.

Lisa Milroy, mainly


A few weekends ago I went over to Bermondsey and Old Street to check out some new art. First up these installations at White Cube. An intriguing mix of colour and texture.


Then these, which I LOVED. Clever pieces of trompe l’oiel art that really messed with your mind.


Colourful, thought-provoking, fun art by Lisa Milroy on at the Parasol Unit, north London.

Madame Gres


The iconic image for a Madame Gres dress would have to be one of her white, neoclassically-draped numbers, though in fact she made them in both deep teal and scarlet red as well. This is a halfway house; still in white but in a style hinting at a sari.

Burns Night

Hooray for a chance to eat haggis and cut a caper at a ceilidh!


If all tartan dresses could be like this I’d wear them more often.


Also, whilst following Kate Strasdin’s Instagram feed this year I’ve noticed that the outfits that appeal the most are those with colour and pattern (sure), but where the shapes might be quite simple and the detail is in the tailoring and use of a single fabric cut against itself to form a pattern.