This belongs with Leonie and the green dress, and possibly also this for added wickedness.

Miu Miu are actually doing a ballet pump version with studded black leather straps, and chiffon ties that go up the leg, but I can’t find a picture of that, so you’re just going to have to imagine it in all its lusciousness.

Blog of the week


Searching for photos of a show at the London Fashion and Textile Museum that is definitely on my list for the indulgent week between Christmas and New Year, I came across the wonderfully-named Sequins and Cherry Blossom blog, whose review can be read here. The photos are from Jazz Age London but an article might as easily be on London architecture, a favourite painting or hidden gardens.


Edit: having been to the show myself, these are now my own photos but Sequins and Cherry Blossom remains worth a visit.






Stunning halo effect in this photo by Joachim Baldauf, which simultaneously references Frida Kahlo, the excesses of high Baroque Catholicism, fine lace and the mandala.

Image via Pinterest.

Painting with light


An evocative title for a documentary I’d like to watch about the life and work of Louise Dahl-Wolfe.



You can see from these black and white photos how apt the title is.



I already knew of Dahl-Wolfe, who famously discovered Lauren Bacall, and also took the photos of Diana Vreeland in the New Mexico desert dressed in a matador’s hat, with a rose behind one ear




but I didn’t realise how versatile her photos were, and how well they captured the independence and glamour of the 1940s heroine.


This surrealist one is like Erwin Blunenfeld’s covers for Vogue – I wonder who inspired who?



Most of all I love the confidence and power of these.

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