Crumbs confettied the tablecloth

“She tore the rolls down the middle and crumbs confettied the tablecloth. She smeared on parsley butter. The bread was oven-warm against her lips. The butter’s sweetness melted into the salt of the bread. Something in her uncoiled as her teeth sunk into its embrace. So the next date she asked for two, and the next date and the one after that. The crusts were always crisp and the centres always soft.”

“Gluten” by Rowan Hisayo Buchanan – a short story available for free on the internet via “At The Table”. 



Photo by @jlinford as part of her foodie Advent calendar for this year. These splendid gingerbread boats are from Bageriet, a little Swedish shop just off Covent Garden that does sinfully-good hot chocolate too.

Cakes and cool things

So it turns out that as well as a long and few fraught history, a strong food scene and beautiful scenery Charleston also has quite a few good shops.


Yes, big preppy chains (J Crew, Williams Sonoma) are there; yes, there a lot of one off art shops offering scented oils, pottery and paintings of sea scenes and oyster shells.


But there’s also a bookshop and bow-tie store, there’s many, many antiques shops, and there’s a string of bakeries and stationery shops on Cannon Street.


And food, obviously. All hail Hominy Grill and the Savannah Bee Company.




The kulebiaka must make your mouth water, it must lie before you, naked, shameless, a temptation. You wink at it, you cut off a sizeable slice, and you let your fingers just play over it…. You eat it, the butter drips from it like tears, the filling is fat, juicy, rich with eggs, giblets, onions…

Chekhov – The Siren

Painting – The Waitress, William Macgregor Paxton