Les blondes collection

The eighteenth century had a fashion craze for “clocked” stockings at one point. It basically meant coloured heels (and sometimes embroidered patterns on the main parts of the legs). This collection shows that some wishes never change:


Maybe it’s middle age or maybe it’s their sheer prettiness – which screams SPRING – but I want to buy a bunch of one pair each and present them to friends like bouquets



Coveting these Alasia sandals right now – if you were a summer bride and didn’t fancy stomping about in stilettos all day I think these would be so pretty as an alternative, AND you could wear them afterwards (win).




In case you’re still hibernating and winter-tired, a quick reminder that you don’t have to have strenuous resolutions just because it’s January.

two-toed sloth by Hilary Stebbing



In the grand scheme of things, you really shouldn’t choose your job based on what you get to wear to it, and having a job that is interesting, set in a good work culture and that pays the bills I’m not looking for a change anyway.


But I do have a tiny pang when I see Charlotte Jacklin’s excellent nail art that I’m not in a job that will ever allow these to be an option, unless it’s a paint it on on Thursday and a take it off on Sunday thing, & that would be a shame…



Photo by @jlinford as part of her foodie Advent calendar for this year. These splendid gingerbread boats are from Bageriet, a little Swedish shop just off Covent Garden that does sinfully-good hot chocolate too.