In fact, twice in one day because I ┬ácan’t resist: a scrapbook of Instagram pretties: Schiaparelli dresses from @the_corsetedbeauty;


an Evelyn Dunbar sketch from @designfortoday;


an elegant doodle from @garancedore;


marmalade jars and the delightful National Trust home of Standen from phil._.b;


dogs on the beach from @thewomensroomblog

Perfumer H


Had a blissful half hour recently in Lyn Harris’ new venture near Baker Street and Marylebone, Perfumer H. I want them ALL. So nice to find a few perfumes I could grow into too. This woman is so talented, and if you don’t already know the Miller Harris scents from Lyn’s first range, I’d really recommend those too.


The shop itself was stunning, but I’ll try and describe some of the scents. Rain Cloyd reminded me of a warmer, more generous version of Guerlain’s Apres l’Ondee, Ink really did make me see that wonderful blue-black colour as soon as I smelt it’s faintly pencil-shavingy scent, Velvet was also true to its name and a winter scent although not overpowering even on a hot day, while Rose was the least cloying, most beautiful rose scent I’ve ever smelt. Lots more exploring to be done…


All shots from the Perfumer H Instagram feed.



Just looking at these pictures of Vetiver in the wild cheers me up.


It’s a scent I very much like, although it’s definitely deemed a more “masculine” one (maybe it goes well with shirt women, whom I aspire to be? I do quite like chypres and leather scents too though, which also aren’t your traditional floral feminines), and it can be quite divisive.


I think it’s perhaps like the masculine tuberose: hard to ignore and a distinctive presence. So as I’m looking for a new summer scent, I was delighted to find this list of summer vetivers, topped by this favourite from Guerlain.


Spring fancies


Top to bottom: Hera by George Washington Lambert (image from paintings.daily Instagram feed), lemons from thelittleran Instagram feed, LK Bennett’s sash pink court shoe, gingerbread house in Savannah (image from wanderwonders Instagram feed)