The Dior exhibition was last year’s sellout in Paris, apparently, and now it’s moved to London where the queues are equally as crazy to get in, and the poses in front of key outfits just as lengthy.


Cannily, the rooms house garments by style or concept, emphasising the continuity of the idea of Dior, and setting up some interesting juxtapositions.


Tucked in corners are Dior’s gardening magazines next to a scarf for Princess Margaret; in another room the toiles in stiff whiteness offer an almost Japanese minimalist look.


In other rooms, it’s all about allowing you to get up close to the details, marvelling at the fine work.


Jump for joy

A much needed holiday and change of scene have left me full of energy and inspiration. Stand by for a slew of photos from India, but in the meantime, how’s this for twinkle toes? This is Vera-Ellen; who said “dancing is like breathing: a day missing either is very bad”


Feed of the week


In our fantasy lives, March is the month we move to the middle nowhere in America and into one of these mansions. I can tell you they costs a lot less than most London houses. Maybe it’s masochism to look are the wonderful @circahouses and @cheapoldhouses or maybe it’s all those Escape To The Chateau episodes getting to me.