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In our fantasy lives, March is the month we move to the middle nowhere in America and into one of these mansions. I can tell you they costs a lot less than most London houses. Maybe it’s masochism to look are the wonderful @circahouses and @cheapoldhouses or maybe it’s all those Escape To The Chateau episodes getting to me.

Palazzo Massimo


A three minute walk from the main Rome train station is part of the national museum’s collection, the Palazzo Massimo.


If you’d said to me before would I want to spend a morning looking at Roman art, I’d probably have said no (too many memories of the British Museum’s overcrowded and ill-displayed galleries), but as with so many things, a look at Simon Martin’s Instagram page put me onto it.


And I’m so glad we went – it was a whistle stop tour of the best part of a thousand years of power and art, and by the end the medieval age had definitely begun.


All pics December 2018. From the archives this time last year: the Rodin museum.

Elizabeth, jewelled


Close ups of this beautiful 1560s portrait of Elizabeth I.


The overall face is idealised, but what’s interesting is that these close ups look pretty realistic when compared with portraits of Elizabeth’s grandfather Henry VII.


Active girls


Publicity shots for a 2020 exhibition of women’s activewear at FIDM – nice that they are planning to show the garments in motion. I feel that Gertrude Bell and Harriet would approve! Meanwhile in London, Anni Albers and her weavings are still on show and a massive Dior exhibition will be opening soon.