Active girls


Publicity shots for a 2020 exhibition of women’s activewear at FIDM – nice that they are planning to show the garments in motion. I feel that Gertrude Bell and Harriet would approve! Meanwhile in London, Anni Albers and her weavings are still on show and a massive Dior exhibition will be opening soon.




To the Pavilion a few days ago with a generous group of friends for carols, feasting and a good gawk at the ongoing restorations that are making the building look ever more fabulous each time you visit.


The newly restored carpets in some rooms are mind-boggling, and the bright wallpapers in some rooms would fit right in in a Dalston speakeasy/kombucha bar.


More was definitely more, where the Prince Regent was concerned.

Dec 2018.

The food of both depends on memory

“Jewish food and black food crisscross each other through history. They are both cuisines where homeland and exile interplay. Ideas and emotions are ingredients – satire, irony, longing, resistance – and you have to eat that food to extract the memories. The food of both diasporas depends on memory….I love that almost the entirety of the Jewish population will sit down for a Seder and discuss and debate the ancient lessons of slavery versus freedom while using an edible Torah to process these lessons in their body – through all the sense available to the eater.

Passover is, thus, my favourite meal. Why not? I am the descendant of enslaved people. I take it personally.”

Michael Twitty, writing in his examination of black Southern cooking, genetic and cultural identities and the enslaved history through food, The Cooking Gene. Here he reflects on how food can be more than just an experience of appetite.

La Catedral


Everyone talks about the Sagrada Família, and for some reason I’d assumed before going that that would be Barcelona’s cathedral, but of course as the royal capital of Catalonia it has its own genuine Gothic cathedral,


warm and golden inside, pillars splaying out across the ceilings from a central point like ropes in a circus tent,


side chapels with stone steps and shelves for placing candles on,


steps carved into walls, dynastic tombs and a giant organ on one side of the nave


Most amazing of all was the carved wooden choir, so like the carvings in German cathedrals of the same era and entered through a very stern neo-classical version of Christ’s house at Bethlehem.


Finally, the exit took you out to the old cloisters where palm trees and a pool with noisy geese greeted you before you rejoined the city.

All photos November 2018.