Katie Ponder


Katie Ponder is a new-to-me illustrator whose macabre yet whimsical style is ideally suited to stage projects. In fact the first illustration here is a poster for Glyndebourne’s new opera “Agreed”, and Katie’s work also includes pieces on The Rite of Spring, The Magic Flute, Pierrot and Columbine and Les Sylphides.

Dilrani Kaur


If you like Meera Sethi and/or remember these playing cards by Sarah Ferone, you’ll also like Dilrani Kaur’s though provoking and witty work.


As well as her own take on the playing card deck (which comeback as either prints or t-shirts and jumpers) and the out of this world tiger sneakers, Dilrani also takes vintage Vogue covers and adapts them for an Indian viewer. Her website is here.

Melanie Johnsson


Such pretty selections by illustrator Melanie Johnsson for her colour palettes series. When I was at uni I’d have hunted these down as cards and dotted them about the walls in my room, and now I think something like this would make a fun display for a guest bedroom. Of course it’s not just the colour mix but also Melanie’s fun captions that are the success.