The heroic Margery


Margery Gill was the illustrator of so many of my favourite books as a child (Apple Bough, A Little Princess), so I find her choppy, modern style very familiar and comforting. I like this website too, which praises the heroic age of illustration, an age that went hand in hand with a deliberately liberal social and moral view, the benevolent didacticism of the BBC and Penguin/Puffin books, and some cracking good stories.

Sarah Ferone


Witty and cheeky, these playing cards contain recipes for some of the best classic cocktails along with the sharp illustration.



Read here how Sarah Ferone got her Kickstarter campaign off the ground. All images either via the deck’s Kickstarter page or Sarah’a own Instagram feed.



Eat it_Paint it



Sara Brenton is a Melbourne-based illustrator, particularly painting food, and I think her prints in her Etsy shop are phenomenal value at under £12 each. I especially like the Christmas scene above (mouth-watering still on a crisp, cold, sunny winter day) and the general tableau:



Images via the eat it, paint it Instagram feed.

Rise and shine

img_1187Morning all! Time to get up and out there with Cathy Kwan, an exciting illustrator and artist in my neck of the woods, whose work I came across in The E-list magazine.

The image comes from the Tumblr feed of Cathy’s agent Bernstein & Andriulli, and Cathy’s own website is here.

As time passes

A beautifully illustrated children’s book with pictures by Madalena Matoso.




Each page has its own caption, from the mundane to the profound. Rubbers rub out and computers slow down.



Fringes grow, ice-creams melt and thread sews.



Hard things become easier, new goals appear, people turn pink and books turn yellow, and the hands of the clock turn again.


Available here, all images from the website.