Melanie Johnsson


Such pretty selections by illustrator Melanie Johnsson for her colour palettes series. When I was at uni I’d have hunted these down as cards and dotted them about the walls in my room, and now I think something like this would make a fun display for a guest bedroom. Of course it’s not just the colour mix but also Melanie’s fun captions that are the success.



Photos of the artist Ivo Hitchens’ house, with its yellow-painted critter windows. When I came across a similar idea on a Cup of Jo house tour (apparently the couple used it as a remedy against the often grey Seattle days), I was also delighted. Such an easy way to make a house colourful.


Photos by @simonmartin_art

Wit and style


Colleen of @vintage_egyptologst is not only stunningly beautiful with a beautiful collection of vintage dresses and full access to my Amelia Peabody fantasy life, but she is also great at using Instagram to give bite-sized lessons about bovid deities (yes, I had to look it up too), Peleset headdresses, the stage-like purpose of Egyptian temples and the civil wars of Karnak. Sign up now on Instagram to follow her for more.


Day trips

Day trips are possibly my favourite kinds of escape. You’re still home in your own bed (revelling in cool, clean sheets for added summer pleasure) at the wnd of the day, you’ve had a pleasant and slightly special breakfast before setting off and you’ve still had a whole day of fun and exploration.


Lyme Regis, Kings Lynn, Oxford or (my latest set of plans) the Kent Coast are all perfect for this from London. Enter Bleak House, a shop with a sideline in recommending both walks round London and day trips out of it. Both Ightham Mote and Hambledon on their list sound good – and also remind me that I want to get to Bateman’s as well before the National Trust season closes.