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I’ve been reading a lot of snippets recently – cooking memoirs, collected essays etc – craving a bit of nonfiction and some doses of new ideas. A book of short stories (collected by a favourite author) seems like a good way back in to fiction. Or do I just go for a doorstopper?

South Asian super girls


There’s already been Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls, but this book – published by the charity Pink Ladoo (that encourages south Asian mothers to celebrate the birth of their daughters and push back at prejudice that ladoos (sweets) should only be gifted for a boy’s birth) looks equally good. I’m guessing there’ll be a hefty amount of intersectionalism around anti-colonialism and feminism too.

Melanie Johnsson


Such pretty selections by illustrator Melanie Johnsson for her colour palettes series. When I was at uni I’d have hunted these down as cards and dotted them about the walls in my room, and now I think something like this would make a fun display for a guest bedroom. Of course it’s not just the colour mix but also Melanie’s fun captions that are the success.