The Cauliflower


A book, and book cover, discovered through the She Designs feed (this one is by the talented Lucy Kim). Heading to everyone’s most reviled book outlet to find a description, I came across this gem of a blurb:

“to the world he is Sri Ramakrishna – godly avatar, esteemed spiritual master, guru. To the temple owner, he is a Brahmin chosen to defy tradition. But to Hriday, his nephew, he isn’t simply Uncle – maddening, bewildering Uncle, prone to enter trances at the most inconvenient times, who must be protected not only from jealous enemies but also from that most treasured yet insidious of sulphur-rich vegetables: the cauliflower.”




A fascinating exhibition at Two Temple Place of Ruskin: the art he collected and that inspired him, the art and collections he made, and the makers today inspired by him. It especially made me want to visit the museum in Sheffield that Ruskin founded and that’s still going strong today.


Travel plans


There are going to be a few big trips this year anyway, but that doesn’t stop me dreaming about possible short trips away. Braga in Portugal looks like it’s pretty all year round.


Trieste is intriguing for its Venetian air, and coming off the back of a trip to Rome.


But Lubeck and Luneberg also look delightful and very Scandi (despite being in North Germany), which could be good for a cosy trip.

Vanessa Barragao



After posting images from the Anni Albers exhibition, Instagram correctly predicted that I wanted to see a lot more artists working with textiles and led me to the door of Vanessa Barragao.


Isn’t this great? I’d love to see (and touch) this work in person. Check out her website here and also her profile @vanessabarragao_work