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I love the Tube and I’m currently exploring one of the lines of it with the Bishopsgate Institute. The first week was St John’s Wood, and the station platforms are plain cream except for cheeky little heraldic tiles and snapshots of London by Howard Stabler.

150 great things about the Tube has taken far better photos than I could and has also written about Stabler here.

Perfumer H


Had a blissful half hour recently in Lyn Harris’ new venture near Baker Street and Marylebone, Perfumer H. I want them ALL. So nice to find a few perfumes I could grow into too. This woman is so talented, and if you don’t already know the Miller Harris scents from Lyn’s first range, I’d really recommend those too.


The shop itself was stunning, but I’ll try and describe some of the scents. Rain Cloyd reminded me of a warmer, more generous version of Guerlain’s Apres l’Ondee, Ink really did make me see that wonderful blue-black colour as soon as I smelt it’s faintly pencil-shavingy scent, Velvet was also true to its name and a winter scent although not overpowering even on a hot day, while Rose was the least cloying, most beautiful rose scent I’ve ever smelt. Lots more exploring to be done…


All shots from the Perfumer H Instagram feed.

My town


Spending an increasing amount of time round Spitalfields, an area I first discovered in my gap year and liked straight away, I was fascinated to come across this tale of the Jewish Free School that used to exist.

This article on the Spitalfields Life blog tells you more about the school and the author and pro-women’s suffrage campaigner Israel Zangwill who worked there. Zangwill’s play The Melting Pot, in praise of America’s role as home to a new society of the pioneer and traveller, was publically applauded by Theodore Roosevelt, whilst his mother’s chemical inventions included a proposal to clear the trenches of mustard gas that the War Office rejected. I can’t wait for the autumn when Persephone Books publish more about this family, and in the meantime I am off to walk a new part of London today with the Bishopsgate Institute.


Images from the Spitalfields Life blog post.



The Geffrye Museum, one of the first places I discovered for myself in my gap year and now a frequent sight in the morning. The courtyard allows the light to fall in it, whatever time of year, but is especially beautiful when so lushly green in early summer.


May 2017.



A friend told me about The Nest Collective and their fireside music clubs. Intriguing as a night singing with the Nightingales sounds, or a campfire (assuming there are cushions with the logs) sounds, I’m most taken by their world music gigs of post-Soviet rap (hmm, well in theory) and West-African/Carribean tunes.


Old folk, new folk, no folk.




Everywhere in Regents Park


Huge vistas with tiered planting


Clusters of blush and pastel bushes, next to vivid fuchsia and yellow;


Swags and ropes beside park benches and wild-meadow planting;


and Japanese vistas over the gardens.